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GP.Invest President Nguyen Quoc Hiep: Concerned with each spiritual child 

Each real estate project is a brainchild that Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep takes care of every detail so that the next project must be better than the previous one.

Having done four real estate projects that were sold like hotcakes, but when he started working on The Nine project, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep - President of GP. Invest still harbors great concerns. It is easy to understand though, because for any investor, managing thousands of billion dong to invest is always a strenuous problem. It is also impossible not to worry about sales in the context of the sluggish real estate market due to the Covid-19 epidemic. But that is not Mr. Hiep's worry.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep - Addressing at the announcement ceremony of The Nine Project

Thanks to the financial potential accumulated after more than a decade of real estate business, capital investment for GP. Invest is not a big problem. The president is not that worried about sales, because he believes that, with its prime location, distinctive design and utility, The Nine is an address many home buyers will want to own. What's more, some units have already raised the issue of purchasing 30% of the total number of apartments that are allowed to sell to foreigners.

THE NINE - The spiritual child that is devoted a lot of enthusiasm by Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep

What troubled him was how would the future residents of the building, especially the elderly, get a good night's sleep. It sounds exaggerated, but in fact, his concern stems from customers' mind. The reason is that The Nine project is strategically located in the front of the expanding Pham Van Dong street. The frontage of the road should be convenient to travel, but people wonder whether The Nine will be affected by noise and dust due to heavy vehicle traffic? " Especially, for those who are old, just a little noise at night will make them lose sleep ", Mr. Hiep thought as if he was himself living in The Nine. That thinking caused him and his colleagues to find a solution. Finally, GP. Invest has completely solved the noise problem by using a double-layer box glass with inert gas in the middle. The Nine will also be installing an air filtration system to not only provide the building with fresh air but also deodorize toxic gas and filter dust, ensuring the health of residents. These technologies were originally only used for 5-star hotels and were used for the first time in an apartment project like The Nine.

Classy reception hall according to 5-star hotel standards

Always ponder to create a unique appeal for each project

When asked whether it is necessary to invest in such categories that many customers do not pay attention to, Hiep said that homebuyers are now increasingly wiser and more demanding. They not only consider selling price, legal rights, quality and construction progress, brand name and reputation of the investor, but also consider intangible factors such as a green environment and health. Therefore, listening to satisfy the strictest demands of customers in the best way will make the project more attractive as well as distinctive.


Trang An Complex - The resoundingly successful project of GP. Invest

According to Mr. Hiep, in the context of homebuyers with countless choices, distinction is the most profitable " weapon " in the real estate battlefield. Gone are the days when investors kept selling houses so easily. Now, a project must have a unique element which is different from other projects in order to be able to compete in the market. Distinct quality is also the key that helps GP. Invest to survive and grow in the fiercely competitive real estate market. Looking back at the development of more than 13 years since its inception, the growth of GP. Invest is not only reflected in the increasingly strong financial potential or the increasing scale of the projects, but also the increasing quality of the project and that the following project is different from the previous one. When starting to do each project, Mr. Hiep himself and his associates would lose sleep over the strengths of the project that need to be multiplied so that customers take a liking to it and want to buy it. More importantly, they strive to to better the project so that customers still feel satisfied even after they move in. To do that, Mr. Hiep said that enterprises themselves must make projects different and the first difference is shown from the design stage.

Garden at Project Trang An Complex, No. 1 Phung Chi Kien, Cau Giay

For example, the Minori Village project has a very convenient location because it's only 3km away from Hoan Kiem lake. However, it's located in busy Truong Dinh street, surrounded by houses of middle-income people. The project is also only allowed to build low-rise houses, so it cannot be sold at low prices. Therefore, the problem is how to attract high-income people to spend tens of billions of dong to buy a house in such a hustle and bustle area? His immediately first thought was to create a separate space for the project by building a surrounding fence so that the outside is a bustling street but the inside is a quiet and high-class space. Moreover, because lands are limited in the urban, he chose a very neat and elegant Japanese architectural plan. As a result, the project was quickly welcomed by customers and satisfied them even after they had moved in. Or as for the Trang An Complex project, due to the large land area, Mr. Hiep designed a large green park amid the buildings. 

Rooftop garden space at The Nine Project

Because of the concept that each project must have a difference to attract buyers, when embarking on the project of The Nine, Mr. Hiep has to calculate what is the strength and difference of the project. Studying carefully the topography of the land, Mr. Hiep found that the project is located on Ring Road 3 and has a panoramic view of the city and is not obscured by tall buildings. From the building, you can see many fireworks displays on New Year's Eve. Therefore, GP. Invest decided to invest in the entire exterior covered with large glass and the apartment balcony is also made of glass, which is typical of luxury apartments in the US. However, when reviewing the design, Mr. Hiep saw that even though the American architect - Mr. Eric Morrison designed a very beautiful glass façade, the inner body was occupied by large piles that took away a lot of space and blocked the view. Therefore, he decided to change the design, from the 6th floor up, there will be no piles but instead bearing concrete walls, so the apartment has a better design and a better view despite the greater initial investment cost.

Rooftop garden space at The Nine Project

It may be just a small detail, but it shows that Mr. Hiep is always thinking and searching solutions to make his works the most unique, the highest commercial value and interest buyers the most. To do so, he carefully studies each land and surrounding environment, finds strengths and weaknesses to promote advantages, limits weaknesses by technical measures or accept large investment costs.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep chaired the meeting to organize the construction of the body of The Nine Project

As the head of a business and always well-dressed, riding a luxury Mercedes S500, but few people know that Mr. Hiep is not afraid to plough at each project site. As when constructing the three basements of The Nine project, the workers were surprised when they saw a small man climbing the scaffolding to check the concrete diaphragm wall to see if the construction quality is satisfactory or not, whether it is damp or not. Although his subordinates are now more mature, more experienced, professional and also more strict after fighting through many works with him, he is still the same. Mr. Hiep still personally selects each type of material, personally checks the quality of construction of each stage.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep regularly listens to construction reports at the site of The Nine Project

No contractor dares to ignore the job because he has the keen eyes of a veteran with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. For example, before founding GP Invest at the retirement age, Mr. Hiep used to be Vinaconex's Deputy General Director and then General Director Constrexim, two famous state-owned enterprises once prominent in the construction world. Because of that, the contractors are very afraid to work with him, because he knows every corner of the construction profession, it is difficult for any nefarious acts to pass his eyes. The paved floor had errors, and he asked the contractor to rework it. Before handing over, the apartment must go through several stages of inspection and review to overcome the smallest detail. "I am a thoughtful, careful and can be said to be a handful ", he admitted.

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Hiep directly inspects each construction item at The Nine Project

It was because of his personality that the contractors were afraid. But they like to work with him, because he is upright and decent. If the contractor does well but has not had time to complete the payment documents, he is willing to pay in advance so that they will have the motivation to speed up the work. His priority is quality and progress. The contractor who does well will be rewarded, if it is late, it will be fined, but his penalty is merely a deterrent to the contractor to be more standard.

Whether working for state-owned enterprises in the past or in the private sector, Mr. Hiep has always identified himself as "extremely serious". For him, money is an external object, losing money can still be recovered. Honor, prestige is what goes with him all his life. Losing honor, losing credibility is difficult to regain. Because of that, no matter what position, where he works, he does not allow himself and his subordinates to make a mess. “Quality goes hand in hand with honor and prestige. Homebuyers will not remember who the contractor is, but only know GP. Invest is the investor or that the houses were built by Mr. Hiep. Each product of GP.Invest is a lifetime product, associated with the honor and prestige of the company and also mine ", he recalls.